“A desert scene is not used very often in ordinary production, but nevertheless you should know how to make these settings if called upon to do so.  Often when a play requires a desert scene, the desert proper is painted on the backdrop and scene through cut and netted leg drop representing tropical vegetation…The sky in a tropical country is deeper blue in the North….The sky should be painted with no clouds, starting with ultramarine, then running through an Italian blue to a light emerald green into a light cream behind the lavender colored mountains that are seen in silhouette against the sky.”

Excerpt taken from “Theatrical Scene Painting: A Thorough and Complete Work of How to Sketch, Paint, and Install Theatrical Scenery” (Appleton Publishing Co., Omaha, Nebraska, 1916, 112-113)

Attached is an example from the Grand Forks Masonic Temple (Sosman and Landis Studio, 1914 installation)






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