Rolling Curtain

“This brings the painting to a conclusion, and when dry, draw all of the tacks along the bottom of the frame and up both sides, then carefully slide a 4-inch diameter wooden roller into the “roller apron” at the bottom, which is stitched in at the time the seams are run. It is almost needless to say that the roller apron must be absolutely straight and in square of the curtain, which was in turn mounted square on the painting frame. Range as many assistants as possible along the roller, leaving one assistant to lower away the hauling line. Let them the, all working in unison, roll the curtain on the roller, keeping it moderately tight. When you come to a seam, see that it is parallel to the roller; and if it is not, loosen or tighten the cloth at either side, as the case may require; otherwise you may find the cloth two or three feet out by the time the curtain is entirely rolled…”

Excerpt from Frank Atkinson’s “Scene Painting and Bulletin Art” (1916, page 164)

The pictures below are from the St. Paul, MN SOKOL Hall (CSPS, Czech-Slovak Hall).


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