Netting – a modern method

My technique for netting is Flexbond glue in dye bottles. In many cases where the painted surface is NOT flat, 1/4″ detailing tape (for cars) works great! The important aspect of this entire process is to hand check EVERY single knot prior to cutting an placing in the drop opening. Contemporary looms allow a small percentage of the netting knots to “slip,” allowing the entire piece to shift the overall distribution of weight once it is hanging. This is fine for some theatrical applications, but not for shows with long runs.
I have yet to find any theatrical supplier that can guarantee netting without slipping knots. Therefore, hand check and individually glue each knot that slips. This is an incredibly time-consuming process, but having to re-net a piece takes even longer!






Original glue dots, I use much small amounts of glue as there is a tendency for the painted surface to “pucker” around the glue dots.

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