Merry Christmas!

I have visited in many Scottish Rite theatres that had additional sets of painted scenery non-Masonic productions. Usually, they were produced in the 1940s of 1950s.  It was an early form of community outreach raising the awareness of Freemasonry. If you are educated about a Masonic group or have entered a Masonic building and met the members, there is less of a tendency to fear and hate them.

I have repeatedly encountered a series of painted winter scenes, many for “Christmas Carol” productions. The first time was when I acquired my own Masonic scenery collection from the Valley of Peoria, Illinois in 2010. The most recent set of winter scenes that I documented were in Quincy, Illinois.

They were painted on the BACK of existing Masonic scenes produced by Toomey and Volland Studios (St. Louis).

Enjoy these particular images as they were VERY difficult to photograph on site. Please remember that they would have been flipped to face the audience during the winter season! We will celebrate the next twelve days of Christmas with “winter scenes” from Masonic theaters!


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