“The Santa Fe Scottish Rite Temple: Freemasonry, Architecture and Theatre” is ready for preorder!


The book that I have been working on since 2014 is finally ready for preorder! It is to be released May 1, 2018.

Santa Fe’s Scottish Rite Temple, built in 1912, is a historic landmark and the home of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in New Mexico. The building–including its jewel box theater with original scenery collection–and its artifacts, represent a time capsule of Masonic culture and theatrical history. Essays examine the emergence of Freemasonry, key Masonic figures during New Mexico’s territorial period through statehood, and the architectural significance of the iconic pink building and Freemasons’ use of it to the present. Illustrated with contemporary and historical images, the book reveals the theatrical production of Masonic degrees and the production of the magnificent scenic backdrops. Today, many of the country’s Masonic buildings are being repurposed and their collections are being liquidated. Through the heroic efforts of its members, the Santa Fe Scottish Rite Temple has been preserved, remaining under the continued stewardship of the Freemasons, who share their building with the community.

The photographs by Jo Whaley of the Masonic scenery and building are absolutely breathtaking.  During November 2016, Jo and I staged all of the degree productions with the 1912 scenery.  The painted drops were produced by Sosman & Landis Studio of Chicago, under the direction of Thomas G. Moses. Jo’s photographs provide a colorful glimpse into what Scottish Rite members would have experienced during the early twentieth century.

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